Kevin Bacon's Equigem Flow
A supplement for greater resistance and freer breathing.

This traditionally-made syrup has a very pleasant taste and is composed of extracts from three different buds:

- black currant buds to fluidise,

- pine buds to remineralise, and

- vine buds for their anti-oxidants.


Equigem Flow contains vitamin C for its crucial role in neutralising free radicals and its defence mechanism-stimulating action.

It also contains viburnum, which helps keep the upper airways sound, and elder, which supports the body's natural defences and helps clear congested and weakened airways.

Equigem Flow is a perfect synergy of plants and bud extracts. 







Equigem Flow is recommended for horses :


- that have caught a chill,

- with red mucous membranes, 

- that are tired,

- that lack energy.


Equigem Flow may be used during periods of cold, damp weather or exposure to dusty environments.


Ask your veterinarian for advice for other uses.

This product is not a drug and may be used during official competitions​.

Instructions for use
Treatment dose :
5ml/100kg live weight twice a day mixed in the feed for 5-6 jours.
Maintenance dose:
5ml/100kg live weight once a day mixed in the feed..