Kevin Bacon's Feel Good
For optimal musculoskeletal comfort

Participating in sport or recreational activities sometimes forces a horse to surpass its limits. A horse can also be on the receiving end of a bad kick, make a wrong movement or fall. So, whether they are sport horses, pleasure horses, or simply elderly, horses can easily suffer from acute, even chronic, pain. Such pain can be of rapid onset or develop slowly, over time, and thus create either a fleeting or a constant feeling of ill-being.


Feel Good has been specially developed to support the equine locomotor system and thus restore a feeling of comfort and optimal mobility. Its properties contribute to the proper functioning of the muscles, tendons and joints. Feel Good is available as an appetising, drinkable solution. It is also taken up very quickly by the body.



Its fast action is especially well liked by riders and trainers working the international circuits. Their horses move more freely, which helps to improve their athletic performance during competitions.

Feel Good has a calming effect and also helps give relief to older horses that have trouble moving. It has a rapid effect that their owners appreciate greatly.



Feel Good  can be used :


- when a horse has stiff or sore muscles.
- in the case of injuries (accident, fall, kick).
- for elderly horses with joint pain.
- before and during an athletic trial.
- to support the joints and locomotor functions.

- to complement joint surgery.
- in horses with arthritis.




In case of doubt about its use, contact your veterinarian.

Feel Good is not a medicinal substance and in no event does it replace medication that may be necessary to treat a horse’s health problems.


This product is not a doping agent and may thus be used during official competitions​.