Portable nebuliser for horses

SaHoMa is designed to break down liquid solutions into fine particles to enter the horse's airways by inhalation.

It may be used to deliver traditional medications (antibiotics, bronchodilators, and corticosteroids) and natural solutions (for example, eucalyptus essential oils and silver solutions) in a safe and practical way.


SaHoMa is silent and easy to use.

It runs on a rechargeable battery so that it is completely portable. That means that you can walk your horse while it is being treated in order to reduce any stress it may feel.

L'avis d'un professionnel

"The neublizer is the easiest one I ve used so far :


- the nose piece….because its so bendable fits all, from small to large, noses and because it fits no product is lost in the air.

- the batterie is rechargable so you can use it anywhere at any time.  

- and the fact that its soundless it doesnt scare the horses. 

I can really recommend this machine to anyone who needs a nebuliser for their horses".

- Lisa Nooren, Nooren's Stables.