KEVIN BACON’S Hoof Formula
Complete nutritional supplement containing all the nutrients a horse needs for its health and well-being

Hoof Formula is a unique and specific optimal nutritional supplement developed by specialists. It accelerates horn growth and improves horn quality.

It is highly appreciated in high-level equestrian sports – show jumping, eventing, endurance racing, and racing. It is especially appreciated by harness- and flat-racing trainers, but by breeders as well.


Dense, highly appetising pellets of great nutritional value:  Hoof Formula contains 37% highly digestible proteins that are particularly rich in essential amino acids and sulphur-containing amino acids such as methionine and cystine. It is thus particularly well suited for equine athletes on high-energy grain diets.

Hoof Formula is probably one of the nutritional complements with the highest amounts of biotin (100mg/kg) and vitamin A (975,000 IU/kg) on the market.

It contains other vitamins (PP, Bc, and B12) that play a role in the synthesis of good-quality horn.


Hoof Formula is also an optimal vitamin supplement.

It contains a high calcium concentration, which enables it to correct possible imbalances in this mineral's intake

It also contains optimal proportions of other minerals indispensable for equine health (magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus).

Still, none of these elements can do their jobs without the addition of the right amounts of trace elements, most of which are cofactors. So, our Hoof Formula provides your horse with significant amounts of copper, zinc, cobalt, and iodine.

That is why Hoof Formula is an optimal supplement of very high quality that provides the right balance of nutrients for all horses and ponies!


Hoof Formula is recommended for:


- foals and young stock (from 6 months to 3 years):  for harmonious general development, especially that of the skeleton and musculo-skeletal apparatus;

- pleasure and sport horses :  during intensive training and competitions;

- breeding stock :  for broodmares and nursing mares, as well as for studs during the breeding season;

- convalescent horses:  for optimal recovery;

- old retired horses:  to combat lack of appetite.

L'avis d'un professionnel
"I started using Hoof Formula for a horse with truly poor hooves. After three weeks, my farrier congratulated me! He saw a radical change in its hooves, with enough good-quality horn to enable him to shoe the horse.

In addition to helping their hooves, Hoof Formula also enables horses with dull coats and brittle manes to recover a nice, shiny coat and thick, supple manes.

Finally, besides being easy to use, because it is made of small pellets, this product is horses even eat it straight."
- Jérôme Guery,
Show Jumper, finalist at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio
Mode d'emploi

Recommended daily dose:

per 100 kg live weight: ¼ measuring scoop (40 gm)

Foals (6-18 months): ¼ measuring scoop (40 gm)
Pony: ½ measuring scoop (80 gm)
Horse: 1 measuring scoop (160 gm).

Made to GMS and HACCP standards. Does not contain any banned substances.

Tested and approved by the Belgian Federal Food Safety Agency (AFSCA/FAVV)